The Problem

Today's pest control model is old fashioned, labour intensive (expensive), wasteful, and entirely unsystematic. Since it is reliant on the manual application of heavily regulated petrochemical pesticides, it is also ineffective, and dangerous to human health and our environment. Organic pesticides offer a good alternative, but their popularity has been limited by the need for more frequent application cycles to achieve the same effectiveness, making them even more labour-intensive and expensive. What is needed is a transformation to a digital model, where sensors drive automated treatments with safer organic pesticides at higher frequencies, effectively winning the fight early with (by analogy) repeated jabs to the face rather than a single haymaker punch. A digital pest control model would also be more systematic and efficient, treating when treatment is needed, where it is needed, in a more convenient and affordable manner. Most importantly of all, this model would be far more safe to human health, and our environment.

Traditional Problem

Termites in homes can remain undetected for years and when they are noticed, often homeowners already have to deal with extensive and costly damages. It is usually at this point that the homeowner engages a pest control company to first confirm and then treat the problem. Service technicians plant termite “bait stations,” (e.g. Sentricon, Termatrec, Advance Bait Stations, etc), which are simply boxes with wood or bait sticks inside them. The bait stations are typically spaced out approximately five feet apart in the ground, and checked manually by a trained termite technician every two months. The hope is that the termites will, by chance, find the stick in the bait box and eat away at it to provide evidence of termite infestation. At that point, a service technician will manually treat around the perimeter of the house using a spray rig on a termite truck. This may be accomplished either by a method of trench and treat and /or rodding, which is labor intensive, expensive, not fully effective and disruptive for the landscape.

Termite Bait Station Problem

Bait stations are point, or 1 dimensinoal sensors and the technique is subject to a high type II (false negative) error rate, meaning that termites may be present but not detected. How long the stick is left in the box, and what constitutes“eaten,” are subjectively and unsystematically determined without any type of standardization, and variations from test-to-test produce erratic, unreliable results. Contact-based (e.g. thermocouple) or non-contact-based techniques (e.g. infrared imaging) detect heat for inferring termite infestation, but while these devices are powerful, they are not useful underground where termites invade from, and they detect termites only after they have invaded and caused damage. This method also is labor intensive and expensive. Since all of the detection methods involve service technicians with an incentive to treat further, there is a strong bias towards reporting positive rather than negative findings (not to mention, sometimes outright fraud)

Mosquito Problem

The current state-of-the-art for mosquito and other surface pest control is better but still not optimal. Over 95% of this market is also based on labor intensive, manual spraying methods with EPA regulated petrochemicals that can only be applied a limited number of times per year. Failure of these “barriers” often results in service calls for interior spraying, which exposes the occupants to the petrochemicals for months. Many of these chemicals have been shown in the peer-reviewed literature to present cancer, autoimmune disease, endocrine disorder, asthma and even child autism risks

Do it Yourself Problem

To avoid the problems associated with standard pest control model, consumers turn to disposable bait units and do-it-yourself treatments that can be purchased from Home Depot. Disposable termite bait units can be screwed into the ground to establish a makeshift detection perimeter, but they are relatively insensitive 1-dimensional “probes” and worse, the bait in these dissolves quickly in moisture (irrigation or rain) making interpretation by home owners highly error prone. Do-it-yourself treatments, are generally regarded as next to worthless in terms of insect control – the users do not know what they are doing, and the chemicals are not strong enough for infrequent applications of the type most homeowners engage

Core Problem

The entire detection and treatment process is therefore unnecessarily labor intensive, expensive, inaccurate, unsystematic, relatively ineffective compared to what it could be, subjective and error prone (leading to further potential unnecessary expense), environmentally harmful and pose human health threats. Since customers usually engage these methods AFTER termite damage is noticed at the property, they are reactionary rather than preventative and do little to avoid costly repairs and as a result of mandatory disclosure laws, for homeowners selling a property, value has already suffered by this time. While companies have made a very good living providing traditional pest control services, the present-day market is merely a fraction of what it could be were there a solution that could overcome these various problems

Landscape Problem

In addition to all of these problems with the current pest control model, landscaping maintenance is also a function of a broken model, where sprinkler systems are controlled by “dumb” timers. Sprinkler systems can often be found operating during rainstorms, and even if failure-prone rain detectors are installed at a higher end home, these too are “dumb” in that the regular sprinkler schedule resumes after the rainstorm, and grounds that are already saturated with moisture are needlessly irrigated

About us

Our founder Oliver Petereit has been a pest control expert for the past 20 years. He is a certified Pest Operator in all 4 categories that exist, GHP and Rodent Control, Termite and other Wood destroying Organisms, Lawn & Ornamental, Fumigation, as well as a Certified Arborist and Associated Certified Entomologist. Recognizing the above problems with the standard pest control model, he teamed with our other founder, a Ph.D.scientist/engineer, to develop the InsectaShieldTM iBarrier system and its components.

Both co-founders are inventors on the patent application, the very first to have yet been filed covering the concept of automated or “digital” termite detection and control.

Scientific Approach


Common Sense Approach


Technology Approach


Having Fun while Inventing


The Solution

WiFi Pest & Termite Meister ApS (WiFi P&TM) envisions an organic pesticide takeover of the staid and toxic petrochemical pest control model. Our patent-pending InsectaShieldTM iBarrier system represents the first Smart” WiFi enabled pest control platform for the digital detection and automatic, organic control of both surface pests and subterranean termites. A reservoir installed underground feeds a pump/valve system which is controlled by an InsectaShieldTM control box. Sensor sticks with WiFi radios, embedded around the property, feed information about insect presence to the box, which iteslf is connected to the cloud (Figure 1). When a need is detected or when otherwise commanded through the homeowners smart device, the box will determine an appropriate treatment profile with respect to the threat, weather and user preferences. Termiticide is dispensed through a dedicated, patent-pending underground conduit network (Figure 2). Pesticide (mixed with irrigation water) is dispensed above ground through the existing sprinkler irrigation system (Figure 1). The system essentially automates all aspects of pest control, making it more effective, and enabling a fully organic, environmentally (and human health) friendly pest control model. WiFi P&TM services iBarrier systems by monitoring data flow, treatment events and by refilling reservoirs when sensors indicate. Added benefits of the system enable ”smart” irrigation (without pesticide), when soil moisture levels and weather forecasts are appropriate, and even regular fertilization with organic nutrients for improved lawn and local ecosystem health.

The entire system is monitored and customized by end-users using their smart devices. Our operating system makes its decisions based on not only the signals it is receiving from the property but the weather forecasts, local regulations and other customer preferences such balance between water bill objectives and lushness. The system is completely hands-free except for once every two months service visits to fill the tank reservoir compartments.


Our System will be eligible for steep rebates because of the exceptional Water Savings


Using adaptive algorithms to generate custom and dynamic watering schedules from your weather data, InsectaIShieldBarrierTM automatically determines the optimal watering schedule for each one of your lawn’s zones. Our Controller adjusts watering cycles, duration and frequency to keep your yard healthy in any weather condition. It does all the work for you! InsectaIShieldBarrierTM maximizes water conservation while maintaining beautiful landscapes. This sleek, compact device also measures the moisture in your soil and knows how much water a landscape is losing, and when. Set each zone according to soil type, plant type, sprinkler type, slope and shape. This allows you to water deeply and infrequently while using less water to maintain healthy root growth–the key to a thicker, greener lawn.

TermitaShieldTM-PestaShieldTM -InsectaShieldTM

The system provides for water savings that will provide the typical homeowner with a 1.5 year pay-back period (total system expenses, hardware and service fees). The water savings comes from intelligent irrigation control. The InsectaShieldTM controller incorporates a COTS sub-controller that will monitor the weather via WiFi access to the cloud. To this, we are adding channels for soil hydration levels via moisture probes, and our system will avoid watering not only when it is raining but anytime the soil is already well hydrated. Not only will there be a typical $100/month water savings, but devastating irrigation system failure related bills, which leak or spew wasted water sometimes for days on end will be immediately detected. Water bills from failures like these can reach into the hundreds of dollars.

TermitaShieldTM-PestaShieldTM -InsectaShieldTM

Normal irrigation leaves water pools where mosquitos breed. InsectaShieldTM iBarrier system treatment/irrigation will ameliorate this problem since residual irrigation water will often contain organic insectaside, breaking the mosquito life cycle.

TermitaShieldTM-PestaShieldTM -InsectaShieldTM

The patent-pending TermitaShieldTM component represents the world’s first fully automated platform for underground termite detection and control. TermitaProbeTM underground sensors use patent-pending probe strips to sense termite presence/absence and then relay data through TermitaStickTM WiFi terminals to the TermitaBoxTM controller. If treatment is required, a cloud application instructs the controller, which then relays commands via the TermitaStickTM WiFi terminals to the TermitaProbeTM modules to initiate treatment through specialized dispensation tubing part of the probe strips. Treatment is accomplished using organic termiticides stored in an underground reservoir tank which is refilled once every 2 months by WiFi P&TM technicians.The PestaShieldTM surface treatment component of the system accomplishes the same thing above ground through the existing sprinkler system and a separate compartment in the tank, and can also provide for regular lawn fertilization.

TermitaShieldTM-PestaShieldTM -InsectaShieldTM

Notwithstanding the problems with traditional pest control approaches, the market for termite control alone exceeds $6B/year. The global pest control market is $14.4B and while termites account for only about 20% of the global pest control business, they cause an estimated $40bn in damages per annum 3 . Americans, alone, spend more than a whopping $5 billion repairing the damages termites have caused (this according to the National Pest Management Association or NPMA). It is not presently possible to purchase insurance against termite damage and related property value depreciation. Insurance companies will not write policies because there exist no systematic and effective methods in existence for preventing termite damage. An analysis of the global pest control service market by category shows that about 66% of this market is residential based, 28% is commercial and the remaining 5% is government based.

TermitaShieldTM-PestaShieldTM -InsectaShieldTM

We have not even considered the value proposition to homeowners who deploy our system proactively – such as avoidance of home value depreciation and home repair costs. While the same could be provided with more expensive traditional treatment options, most homeowners are reluctant to engage these methods proactively because of their expense, but also the hassle of having to deal with multiple invoices and service calls from various companies each quarter. The InsectaShieldTM iBarrier system offers a single system with which to consolidate all of these other services into one, streamlined, customizable and automated platform – at a substantial savings.The EPA is also strongly in favor of organic pest control alternatives to environmentally (and health) damaging petro-chemical pesticides and rebates from states may be on the horizon. Until now, there has never been a systematic way for converting to organic pesticides, because they require more frequent application and the extra labor costs ruin the value proposition to homeowners.

TermitaShieldTM-PestaShieldTM -InsectaShieldTM

Franchisee Opportunities

The Franchise Model will provide an unlimeted source of income. You can start out as a brand new company without any knowledge or expertise. We will train you in Person and provide a full package of Franchisee Management Software for your financial and logistical management. The software will let you know when it is time to refill the tank compartments according to depletion rate that gets reported via the Wifi Controller to the Management Software. The same software will help you with the financial supply chain, paying your bills and paying your franchisee fees. This Franchise Model applies as well to Professional Pest, Termite, Lawn and Landscape Companies. Your customers are already in place, now it is time to upsell or convert for better customer satisfaction or higher retention rate because of the patented and proprietary technology. There will be no competetion in your Area, once signed up for our Franchise Model

Franchise Buy In

$40,000.00 / $ 5,000.00 Down the rest will be financed

The equippment for each individual new customer, (3 compartment Tank, Wireless Controller, Termite detection Probes )will be purchased from us inlcuding the refill cartridges for the 3 compartment tank system. You will install the equippment either yourself or with an affiliated Sprinkler Repair Company and charge the customer a package fee including upgrades and installation. Monitoring will be done remotely via our software package. Every other month visits will be necessary for refilling the tank system plus check for proper irrigation coverage. There will be a monthly service charge from franchisee to the customer and royalty fees to Wifi Pest and Termite Meister will occur.

Identify Business Opportunity

TermitaShieldTM, InsectaShieldTM, TermitaShield TM

Once the Franchisee has aquired their complete protected franchisee opportunity the market has been cornered because the lack of competition. Our patent pending state of the art smart water technology and proprietary dispense system including trade secret formulation, can not and will not be duplicated. Our System is the first that will implement ALL ORGANIC Pest, Termite, and Fertilizer application without any labor involvment. Because of the ALL ORGANIC approach, no special requirements, such as Pest, Termite, Lawn and Landscape Industry licenses or certifications are necessary. Those already in the business that possess these licenses are uniquely positioned to benefit from our technology, given their existing customer bases, but franchisees new to the pest control business are also able to participate without having to worry about licenses or certificaitons. Once signed up for a franchisee opportunity with Wifi Pest and Termite Meister you will thank yourself for one of the smartest choices ever made, becaue you just redesigned your future for success.

Customer Retention

TermitaShieldTM, InsectaShieldTM, TermitaShield TM

The main driver for adoption of the InsectaShieldTM iBarrier system will be the desire of customers to permanently, systematically, conveniently and responsibly solve a major infestation headache without creating other, new headaches such as those encountered with the traditional pest control model. The WiFi Pest and Termite Model value proposition is in providing a superior alternative to traditional treatment options. Another feature of the system that will drive adoption quickly before termite damage is experienced is the water savings alone, which could reach $1,800/year and pay for the system itself in less than 2 years. The EPA is also strongly in favor of organic pest control alternatives to environmentally (and health) damaging petro-chemical pesticides and rebates from states may be on the horizon. Until now, there has never been a systematic way for converting to organic pesticides, because they require more frequent application and the extra labor costs ruin the value proposition to homeowners. Our system will be the first to make a wholly organic pest control system viable, and so may help forge new organic pesticide rebates.

Business Growth

TermitaShieldTM, InsectaShieldTM, TermitaShield TM

With our business model you will be profitable from day one, once you sign up your first customer. There is no need to quit your job just yet. For example you sign up 40 customers at $ 150.00 monthly subscription fee that equals $6,000.00 monthly income, your cost for Royalty Fees and Refill Cartridges per month are $ 1,200.00, pure profit $ 4,800.00 per month. Keep in mind the installation profit will be around $ 40,000.00 ($1,000 profit on each installation). You will need to service these 40 accounts every other month ( 2 days of work, 20 customers a day) to refill the tanks and check the irrigation system. A perfect business model with no risk but huge rewards. You can grow this business as large as you like with almost no labor headache, everything is automatized and the guess work is taken out of the equation.


20 Franchisees/recruit 20 customers / $1,23 Million Revenue


60 Franchisees/recruit 40 customers / $4,9 Million Revenue


120 Franchisees/recruit 60 customers / $13 Million Revenue


240 Franchisees/recruit 120 customers / $35 Million Revenue

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